Transfer of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff for the year 2016 in accordance with the Transfer Policy 2012



Please click on the following mentioned links to download the letters/files


1. NVS(RO) Chandigarh Letter dated 23.12.2015 (PDF file)

2. NVS(HQ) letter dated 22.12.2015 (MS Word file)

3. Annual transfer drive 2016 formats in MS Word received from NVS(HQ) (MS Word File)

4. NVS(HQ) e-mail dated 23.12.2015 (PDF File)

5. Annual Transfer drive 2016 all format (Regional Office use) (In MS Excel File)

6. Annual Transfer Drive 2016 (Excel format for Vidyalaya) (In Zip File)

7. Annual Transfer drive 2016 all format (Vidyalaya use) (In MS Excel File) - Revised