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Letter - Implementation of New Pension Scheme for the employees of NVS and remittance of monthly contributions thereof: regarding.


02. Observations and action plan for improvement in Mathematics in Middle classes. 22.12.2010 PDF format

Stepping up of pay of the senior employees (teaching and non-teaching) t par with the juniors on implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendations

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04. Grant of Child Care leave to the female staff - reg 25.11.2011
05. Assigning of any duty to the teaching and non-teaching staff of NVS beyond duty hours - reg 15.12.2011
06. Development of website by each JNV 22.02.2012
07. Duties of Chowkidar in JNVs 24.02.2012
08. New Pension Scheme(NPS) Material 29.05.2012
09. Transfer of Teaching and non-teaching staff in accordance with the Transfer Policy 2012 - reg 09.06.2012
10. Orders for granting and non-granting of MACP to non-teaching staff 17.08.2012

Preparation of software related to continuous Comprehensive Evaluations (CCE)

Download software with instructions

12. Records retention schedule i.r.o. various records in the Samiti 16.11.2012